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Opinions about courses, syposiums and events recomended by Central Europena Implant Academy.

Knowledge acquired by the Professor throughout his whole life is presented, in a nutshell , during just  several meetings . Thanks to this , as a listener and a participant I am able to reach therapeutic success more quickly than my competition . This is the progress . All students are experienced surgeons. With guidance and knowledge –based on many years of Professor’s  experience, they are able to offer their patients safer and more effective treatment . It is not only  a profit for patient and doctor , but it is also a reduction in the risk of complications. Foreign doctors are more eager to share their knowledge than the Polish ones . Maybe because  lecturers do not give the presentations in front of their own competition. However, it is worth mentioning, that a  group of about 300 implant surgeons, by my estimation , meets on courses, national and international symposiums. Their skills are higher than average , and thanks to them we do not diverge from the world top standard. Foreign educational centers  have longer history and bigger experience in training . Unfortunately consequently the prices are higher . However, in dentistry you can notice, that the higher is the price the better quality you get. I want to offer my patients the highest  possible level.

DDS Radek Jadach



The course is a rare opportunity to watch as Marcus Hürzeler places implants in the aesthetic zone or covers the recession with a tissue taken from the palate. The vast majority of each of the four two-day sessions were intensive practical sessions and the  live surgeries, where you can observe and perform surgeries under the supervision of Professor Hürzeler . All
practical sessions were held maintaining microsurgical standards ( magnifying glass, microscope, microsurgical tools and 7.0 strand). The Curriculum Program helps to understand the theory and protocols used during implant and periodontic surgeries in the aesthetic zone.
DDS . Peter Puchała


Markus Hürzeler’s authorial program is a large portion of the solid
knowledge in the field of periodontology and implantology. The knowledge is
based on the highest scientific achievements, but is given in very understandable way . Professor puts a big emphasis on understanding the biology and periodontal physiology, which turns into logical planning and performing periodontic surgeries. Each
module brings a broad spectrum of practical information, so the participant may perform the surgery the very next day. Not without significance is the fact that all meetings and procedures involve the Medium staff (hygienist). The program is spread over time, that allows one to introduce new techniques in the work, observe the patient and discuss the improvements with the Professor on the next meeting. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, high basis of content, and the practical training increase one’s professional qualifications.
DDS . Boguslaw Czarnowska

For me, the Curriculum is Periodontics in a nutshell.
Clear and concise presentation of the most relevant information
about the soft tissue, and a generally known knowledge in terms of daily practice. However, the best are hands- on classes under the supervision of Professor Hürzeler . Another level of knowledge , the method of presenting it, partnership in the approach to the problem. There is norhing more to add.
DDS . Catherine Suckiel - Papior


13.CEIA Film


Postgraduate program


Prof. Markus Hurzeler

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