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10.Symposium CEIA

The jubilee edition of the CEIA Symposium - an annual meeting organized within the central European Academy of Implantology (for the tenth time), took place in Krakow, in the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University, 

- Polish doctors are very experienced. They expect top-notch faculty – says DMD, PhD. Piotr Majewski (director and patron of 10th CEIA Symposium). Everything seems to indicate that the CEIA meets these expectations. For many years, the organizers have been co-working with many academic institutions - not only in Europe but also in the US (with the University of New York, lecturers from NYU come to Poland to teach polish dentists ). On the other hand - which stresses prof. Stanislaw Majewski - the fact that the Symposium (CEIA) has always got good international lecturers is worth mentioning . 

- Participation in the symposium is a great honor for me - says PhD. Francesco Amato from Italy - CEIA is known and appreciated symposium at the European level. The best lecturers come here to teach (this time, DMD, PhD Stephen Chu form the USA and DMD, PhD Piotr Majewski). Working in such a company is a great honor. 

- Knowledge and skills is a must - provides DMD, PhD Stephen Chu. – you can be a dentist with great skills, but do not have the knowledge and - there are problems. It can also be the other way around - great knowledge and poor skills just will not give success. It is important to have the skills and constantly acquire knowledge. 

According to DMD, PhD. Piotr Majewski - nowadays we do not talk about whether an implant will be accepted or not - the future is aesthetics. 

- It's about the aesthetics of a single tooth – this is the main topic in implantology - explains PhD Francesco Amato from Italy. - The implant esthetics and function are two basic things – together they give a natural look. Currently, the lectures focus on various treatment methods which provide just that. It is very important for dentists. Today, our patients want to look natural. They want to have a smile, in which there is nothing artificial - that's why we focus on the aesthetics, because we want the patient's smile to be naturally beautiful. 

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