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Prepare for the worst, expect the best.

Come to 13.Central European Implant Academy Symposium and learn how to deal with dental implants failure. Learn from one's mistakes.

"Some dramatic surgical and prosthetic complications will be shown and how to solve them and prevent them will be described. In each case will be analyzed the cause that leaded to the esthetic, surgical or prosthetic failure,   in order to give to the clinician practical suggestions to avoid such complications and instructions to solve the problem will be given to help to reach the success."

-from Dr. Francesco Amato abstract.

"Common prosthetic complications like screw loosening are easily prevented just following controlled tightening procedures. Theefore the  lecture will  mostly address  more interesting and important  issues like periimplant pathologies determined by inaccurate cementation protocols and the increasing evidence of  esthetic and functional problems due to the tridimensional  modification of the bone adiacent to implants in the adult patients."

-from Dr. Roberto Cocchetto abstract.

Would you like to discuss about clinical case with prof. Dennis Tarnow, dr. Francesco Amato, dr. Roberto Cocchetto? Would like to know their opinions? Contact with us ceia@ceia.pl 

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