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24 April 2015


The courses organized by the Implant and Dental Clinic & CEIA are included by Polish National Association of Dental Implantology (OSIS) in a series of courses organized to obtain implant dentistry certification. The courses for implant prosthetics are organized for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The advanced courses enable doctors to improve their qualifications and surgical skills in implantology. Doctors perform a procedure with his/her patient under the supervision and with the assistance of doctors running the course. Each treatment is individually planned and discussed. Doctors attending the courses have the opportunity to become acquainted with new techniques in the field of implantology, bone regeneration, and soft tissue formation. Particular emphasis is placed on applying implants in the esthetic part of mouth, regeneration of tissue, augmentation of the maxillary sinus through various methods of bone condensation, etc. Advanced courses are conducted in groups of a maximum of five people, so every participant can directly observe the procedure. Doctors also have the opportunity of consult or, in difficult prosthetic implant cases, to conduct the prosthetic stage procedures with their own patients.

We cordially invite doctors to participate in the Clinic’s courses with the hope that your participation will benefit your implant practice.

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Prof. Markus Hurzeler

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