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21 June 2018

09.00 - 18.00


These four intense 2-day courses consist of lectures, a hands-on pig jaw workshop and when possible live surgeries. The educational experience will provide you with a practical protocol, which is  beneficial for beginners, as well as experienced clinicians. Every 2-day course is a brick. The entire course consists of four brikes.


Brick 1 (2 days course): Microsurgical Training

Reason to join this course:

whether you own or are planning purchasing a dental microscope, or you want to change your attitude to perform implant and periodontal surgery, this intense two-day „hands-on“ course will immediately impact your practice. Then when you decide to continue using loops you will increase immeasurably your skill and your knowledge in plastic periodontal surgeries.

What you will learn from this course:

  • Understanding the microsurgical concept
  • Understanding the wound healing process in peridontal wounds
  • Learning to work under very high magnification

The teaching methods will inculde hands-on surgery under microscope the entire course.

17 January 2019

09.00 - 18.00

Brick 2 (2 days course): Periodontal Surgery

Reason to join this course: maintenance of the teeth needs to be our first goal; because of implant dentistry more and more periodontist have forgotten to safe teeth. But saving teeth is the most predictable treatment option still today. Therefore, in this course the treatment of periodontal disease and the maintenance phase will be demonstrated and discussed

What you will learn from this course:

·      The oral biofilm

·      intrasurgical removal of the biofilms

·      different flap designs (full-thickness; split-thickness)

·      access-flap 

·      regenerative procedures

·      apical repositioned flap


The teaching methods will inculde, live surgical when possible demonstrations, hands-on surgery on the pig jaws.

18 July 2019

09.00 - 18.00


Brick 3 (2 days course): Periodontal Plastic Surgery

reason to join this course: this course will be an intense hands-on experience on a very depth level for all practitioners wishing to upgrade their skills in periodontal plastic surgeries.

This course is designed to refine  or expand your periodontal plastic surgery skills. It is a clinically-oriented course. Participants are asked to bring their surgical loupes for use during the pig jaw surgery. The microsurgical instruments and the microsurgical suture material will be provided.

What you will learn from this course:

  • The microsurgical concept
  • The periodontal-restorative interface
  • esthetic crown lengthening
  • Root coverage and gingival augmentation
  • Soft tissue ridge augmenation
  • Ridge preservation.

The teaching methods will inculde, live surgical demonstrations, hands-on surgery on the pig jaws.

09 January 2020

09.00 - 18.00


Brick 4 (2 days course): Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

This will be an intense course on implants in the aesthetic zone. Successful implant therapy can no longer be judged by whether or not the implant ossoeintegrates. The advantages and the disadvantages of the different concepts available today will be discussed. Is the flapless and minimally invasive approach always the safest way to a predictable aesthetic result?

What you will learn from this course:

  • Treatment planning
  • 3D implant planning
  • Ridge preservation techniques for implant placement
  •  Augmentation of edentulous ridges with hard and soft tissue prior to implant placement
  • Flapless implant placement
  • Immediatly restoration of implants

The teaching methods will inculde, live surgical demonstrations, hands-on surgery on the pig jaws.

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Prof. Markus Hurzeler

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